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  • Can I change the folder Scoop uses for images?

    At this time - no. Currently to make Scoop compatible with Apple's Mac OS X sandbox requirements, Scoop will only look in your "Pictures" directory for images. We are exploring ways to allow this as a configuration option, but for now just make sure your images are in your Pictures directory.
  • Does Scoop run on Windows?

    No - Scoop is an application designed for macOS.
  • Does Scoop run on the iPad or iPhone?

    No - Scoop is a macOS Desktop application, and requires macOS / Mac OS X version 10.9 or newer.

    Scoop does NOT run on iOS (which is the operating system that the iPad and iPhone use).
  • Does Scoop Support RAW images?

    Not at this time, but we know there are a lot of power users out there that use RAW images daily, so if we can support it we will in a future update.