Documentation » Scoop as a Photo Server

  • Scoop as a Home Photo Server

    A powerful feature of Scoop is the ability to act as a local network Photo Server. By turning on the "Enable Network Sharing" option in the Scoop preferences, Scoop will make the images available for browsing by other Scoop users on the local network.
  • Scoop Server Preferences

    To get started with running Scoop as a local network photo server, make sure you have enabled the Enable Network Sharing option in the Scoop -> Preferences -> Server section:
  • Enable Network Sharing

    This option turns the network server on and off. By default it is off. If enabled, then other users with Scoop on your local network will be able to browse shared images from Scoop.
  • Share All Images

    If Enable Network Sharing has been checked, then by default only images that have the "Shared" tag will be shared on the local network. Check the Share All Images option to share all the images in Scoop on the local network.
  • Remote Administration

    If checked other Scoop clients on the local network will have "administration" privileges on the local Scoop install, which includes:

    Creating and Deleting tags
    Creating and Deleting image directories
    Adding and Deleting images
    Moving images to new directories
    Emptying the Recycle Bin