Documentation » Working with Image Tags

  • What are Image Tags?

    When browsing your photos inside your Pictures directory with Scoop, you will see images and directories - this makes it easy to find the specific images you are looking for.

    But what if (as an example) you have images spread out over multiple directories that you would like to be able to view on the same page? This is where Tags come in - Tags work on top of the existing file structure and allow you to group images any way you want - regardless of what directory they may be in.
  • Default Image Tags

    When Scoop is importing and cataloging your images, it will read any extra data fields it can find (i.e. EXIF data) and use that information to create a set of default tags that you can use to search and display images with. The default tags include:

    The Date the image was taken
    The Camera Make and Model
    The Aspect ratio
  • Tags in the Menu Bar

    Tags in the Menu Bar

  • Within the Scoop Menu bar you will find the following options related to Tags:

    Open / Close the Tag Browser
    Active Tags being applied as filters to the Image Grid
  • The Tag Browser

    The Tag Browser
    When you click on the "Tag Browser" button in the Scoop Menu bar (very top left) the Tag Browser view will be toggled - if it is already open, it will be closed. If it is closed, it will be opened.

    The Tag Browser lists ALL tags in Scoop.

    When you add (or remove) a Tag from an image or group of Images, the Tag Browser will be updated to reflect the new state of Tags in Scoop.

    You can enable or disable the display of the Default Tags by changing your Tag Preferences - see the Scoop Preferences documentation for an overview of the Tag choices in Preferences.
  • Adding New Tags to an Image

    To add a new Tag to an Image, click on the Image you want to add tag(s) to in the Image Grid. This will open the Image Drawer for the image, and your cursor will be automatically placed into the "New Tags" field. Enter a new tag and hit enter, and the tag will be added to the image.
  • Deleting Existing Tags from an Image

    You can also delete any existing Tag. While the Image Drawer is open, simply click on the small "X" to the right of the existing Tag and it will be removed.
  • Adding Tags to Multiple Images

    You can easily add a new tag (or delete an existing tag) from multiple images at the same time. In the Image Grid simply Command-Click each image you want to add tags to or remove tags from. When you add a new tag in the "New Tag" field, the tag will be added to all images.

    You can select a large range of images using Shift-Click as well. Select the FIRST image you want to select with the mouse, then Shift-Click on the LAST image you want to include - all images between will be selected.