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  • The Scoop Interface

    Scoop provides an easy to use and powerful interface for organizing your images. The main sections of the Scoop window are:

    Menu Bar - at the top of the window the Menu Bar provides quick access to Scoop functions.

    Image Grid - this is the center panel in Scoop that shows your images in a grid format.

    Image Drawer - clicking on an image in the Image Grid will open the Image Drawer, which contains the Tag form and image information.

    Tag Browser - The tag browser opens and closes on the left side of the window, and gives you convenient access to all your tags.

    Gallery Browser - opening and closing on the right side of your screen, the Gallery Browser helps you create Galleries that you can share with family and friends using the FREE Scoop Image Galleries service.
  • The Menu Bar

    Along the top of the Scoop window you will see the Menu Bar, which provides quick access to the most commonly used Scoop functions.
  • The Image Grid

    In the center of the window is the Image Grid, which includes options for creating a new directory, uploading new images to the current directory, as well as navigating to any sub directories. Clicking on an image will open the Image Drawer.
  • The Image Drawer

    When you click on an image in the Image Grid, the Image Drawer will open. The Image Drawer contains sections for viewing the Image in a Lightbox, adding (or deleting) Image Tags as well as viewing Image EXIF Info, Image Tools and an Image Location Map.
  • The Tag Browser

    The Tag Browser
    The Tag Browser can be opened and closed by clicking the "Tag Browser" button in the Menu Bar. The Tag browser lists all image tags in a scrollable section that slides out from the left side of the window. Clicking on a tag loads all images that have the tag. Once a tag has been selected, you can Command-Click another tag to show images that have both (or more) tags.
  • The Gallery Browser

    The Gallery Browser
    The Gallery Browser can be opened and closed by clicking the "Gallery Browser" button, located on the far right in the Menu bar. The Gallery Browser allows you to:

    Launch with all Gallery images attached and ready to be shared by Email.
    View your Scoop Image Galleries profile (opens in the default Web Browser).
    Create a new online Scoop Image Gallery (Private and Public Galleries are supported).