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  • Get Organized

    Get Organized
    Scoop is a powerful photo organizer for your Mac that makes it easy to share your photo memories with family and friends.

    Using Scoop's powerful tagging system, you can organize and search your images to find just the images you are looking for.

    Share images on your local network with other Mac users with Scoops's powerful Home Photo Server.
  • Private and Secure

    Scoop is Private and Secure - out of the box. When you share your Image Galleries with family and friends, your images are safe - only users who you explicitly share with will be able to see your Gallery.

    Scoop has been designed for users who are uncomfortable sharing their images on large and popular social networks - many of which change their privacy settings frequently:
    • Are your private images really private?
    • Will new privacy settings change things without your consent?
    • Are your photos scanned and compiled into a database to be sold?
    • Are you tired of the pressure to "over share" everything?
    These large social networks make their money by SELLING your information to advertisers - this includes location information and other data that is embedded in your photos.
  • Scoop Image Galleries - Private by Design

    Scoop Image Galleries - Private by Design
    Scoop Image Galleries is a FREE online service for Scoop designed to make sharing private photo galleries easy:

    Anyone can create a Scoop Gallery account to view Galleries they have been invited to.
    Users who have the Scoop Mac OS X Application can upload and create galleries.

    Our goal is simple - provide an easy to use, private and safe photo sharing service that is supported by customers purchasing the Scoop App from the App Store.

    Read more about sharing Galleries with Family and Friends.
  • Powerful Network Photo Server

    Do you have thousands of images and wish you could load them all on one of your Macs and make them available to everyone on your local network?

    Scoop is a powerful Home Photo Server that can share your images on your local network, freeing up valuable disk space and helping you organize your photo collection.

    Check out using Scoop as a Local Network Server for more details on this powerful feature.