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A Powerful Image Organizer for macOS

Scoop makes it easy to privately share your photos with
family and friends - both online and in your home.

Free Private Photo Sharing

Share your Photo Galleries - private and secure - with family and friends.

Scoop's Free Photo Gallery Service has been designed to make it easy to share your memories online.

Easily select the images you want to share directly in Scoop - it's easy to stay organized and secure.
Free Private Photo Sharing
Free Private Photo Sharing

Powerful Home Photo Server

Run Scoop on every Mac in your home and easily share photos between your Family members.

With Scoop's powerful Photo Server you will always have access to your photos whether they are on your MacBook or your iMac.

Easily control the Photos you share on the local network.

Get Organized with Photo Tags

Easily find the images you need using Scoop's fast Photo Tagging system.

Organize your photos any way you want, and easily find Photos for Birthdays and Holidays.
Get Organized with Photo Tags